Leather and Ecology


The philosophy and commitment of El Nochero is take care and protection of the environment, based on that, all the raw materials and products that we use in our products are 100% natural, biodegradable and / or recyclable.

All of them comes from slaughter or shearing animals (the Mulesing method is not allow In Argentina) and are tanned, cured and processed with natural products that do not affect the environment.



One of the most important parts of a marketing strategy is the correct and appropriate name of the product that you want to promote. This does not imply the product name is the truth of what the product is but, what is sought It is the necessary impact for the product to be well qualified as intended.

Based on the above, we must congratulate who created the word Ecocuer or Ecological Leather because, without a doubt, they successfully achieved the expected result. But there is also no doubt that it is a blatant lie, because if there is something that the Ecological Leather DOES NOT RESPECT is the ecology.

This kind of imitation leather is 100% synthetic, manufactured with petroleum derivatives and is NOT biodegradable according to established standards, because it takes no less than 1000 years to degrade (perhaps more according to its quality).

The only really ecological leather that exists is Natural Leather (whatever it is), which degrades in a process between 25 and 50 years and is a by-product of the meat industry, derived from slaughter animals for the consumption of different kind of meats.

It is worth noting that the confusion in this case can be based on the vegan concept, because it is a by-product derived from an animal, but it is clearly a mistake to consider a product as ecological, just because it is not derived from an animal product. For properly qualify it in that sense, the only right way to do it is to fully evaluate the process by which it is manufactured, and which are the components and tanning products that are used for its elaboration.

Clearly, what makes the difference between both products (Natural and Ecological Leather) is the price, there is no possible comparison between the cost of a product made of natural animal leather and another made of petroleum-derived plastic (ecological leather).

Obviously, it’s the consumer's decision, based on what he can or is willing to spend. But there is no doubt that there will be no possible comparison in the quality, view and durability of the product.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of scruples of some brands, many synthetic leather products are sold as natural leather, based on the ignorance of the buyer who is clearly deceived, not only because he receives what he did not want to buy, but he pays it as If it were natural leather and it will eventually be affected in time when you verify that the durability and resistance of the product was not as expected and, without wishing it, is affecting the environment.