How to differ the natural leather vs the ecological leather

At first glance, it is not easy to establish the difference between Natural Leather and the so-called Ecological. But there are several ways to differentiate them and thus confirm if they are showing us a natural leather garment or a synthetic leather garment, these are:

ODOR (How It Smells)

This is the simplest way to verify whether it is Synthetic or Natural Leather, the latter has an unmistakable own smell. Unfortunately, it is not completely reliable, given that, in many cases, by chemical agents, they "perfume" synthetic leather so that it smells like natural leather, with the aggravating factor added by another aggressive component for the environment.


Normally synthetic leather is brighter, it is clear that it is not a natural shine, it is too uniform and perfect and all products are exactly the same, which is not possible to get in a natural leather, since each natural leather comes from a different animal and it is impossible for everyone to be exactly the same.


To the touch of synthetic leather is cold and the natural leather no, in addition to the temperature, it is clearly felt that the synthetic is totally smooth, or in case of having prints it is clearly seen that there is no difference in brightness, which occurs in natural leather. Finally, the synthetic is harder, less flexible and much less "spongy" than natural leather.


Synthetic leather is waterproof (because it's plastic), the natural leather absorbs water and humidity, although if it's good quality, then it dries and does not leave a stain, but it will absorb a part of the water first.


Synthetic leathers are always lined, because the inner side or face of this type of material is covered with an adhered fabric (also synthetic) which makes evident the type of material in question.


  • 100% Ecological and biodegradable
  • Fall much more natural and with greater presence
  • Product quality and high qualification
  • Extensive durability and shelf life since its characteristics do not change
  • High resistance to friction and wear
  • Marks or scratches do not change the colour of the product
  • Allows dry ironing
  • Very resistant to high temperatures
  • Does not crack
  • It adapts very well to the body and stretches back to its natural state